About the Course

The AngularJS Development course is primarily designed for UI Developer(s)/Web Developer(s) who want to learn how to create single page web application using AngularJS. In this course, you will learn the Angular fundamental like bootstrap process, directives, statements, routes, filters, services etc. that help you to build rich, scalable, extensible and high performance single page web application and much more.

This platform is an open-source web application framework protect by Google and by a community of corporations and individual developers to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It desires to facilitate both the testing and the development of such applications. AngularJs also powers some active Google ranking, applications from the Double Click Digital Marketing Platform to the YouTube app on the PlayStation 3. AngularJS Training in Bangalore combine an elegant framework for organizing your client-side JavaScript in a way to maximize reusability and testability.