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Techiesys InfoTech offers highly functional school management software development services incorporated with diverse modules. Our dedicated team of skilled programmers works hard to elevate your business along with meeting the client’s expectations and catering to their needs.

Cloud-based Solutions

Techiesys provides cost-effective cloud-based education solutions that make us a top E-learning software development company. Our solutions provide high security to data and handle BigData with ease; these don’t need any other exclusive hardware to run. Being an easy-to-use platform, these cloud-based solutions help the school staff to perform the tasks and activities at a faster speed by saving a lot of time. These solutions are much convenient for senior authorities of educational institutes.

Chatbot Solutions

Chatbot integrated e-learning solutions are beneficial for better student engagement & feedbacks, and also provide flexible teaching assistance. These solutions don’t require any resources to respond to users and make them relaxed while having classes or lessons. Students can have their queries solved anytime through it. A chatbot module can also be added within the school management software to post or get the essential information about the course or study material.

AR/VR-based Solutions

Our developed AR/VR-based E-learning software solutions provide better recall value and in-depth content knowledge. Be it better clench of 3-D structures & interactivity, or growing teaching options, along with virtual task practices, these solutions are useful. AR/VR integrated learning solutions add real value to the whole learning procedure. These integrated XR technologies can generate an intense environment for students so that they can visualize all the concepts better and learn new skills.

Big Data Solutions

Along with customized learning procedures, our educational big data solutions can evaluate, track, & forecast institutional performance. Our solutions are mostly used in health education and altering big educational data while getting amazing insights from institutes. Big data-integrated solutions are becoming a performative tool to complete all elements of education. Various educational institutes are using these solutions to create personalized lesson plans, forecasting learning outcomes, and help students to search for top-ranked colleges.

Advantages and Benefits of School management software

  • CRM/ERP solutions
  • Application integration with legacy systems
  • .Net Custom software development
  • B2B and B2C application development
  • Maintenance, enhancement and support for .net applications.
  • CRM/ERP solutions
  • Application integration with legacy systems
  • .Net Custom software development


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